Hunsrückisch-Hochdeutsch . 2014.

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  • ouer — obs. f. over: so in ME. and early mod.E. compounds, as ouerbear, ouercast, ouercome, etc …   Useful english dictionary

  • ouer-hie — ourharl, ourhele, ouer hie obs. Sc. ff. overharl, hele, high …   Useful english dictionary

  • Ouer-cast — turn over …   Medieval glossary

  • Ouer-caste — turn over …   Medieval glossary

  • Ouer-renne — overrun, run over …   Medieval glossary

  • Ouer-wewyd — too wet, washed …   Medieval glossary

  • Ouer-wose — washed over …   Medieval glossary

  • Ouer eve — over night …   Medieval glossary

  • Ouerþwart — across …   Medieval glossary

  • thurte ouer — variant of thwart over Obs …   Useful english dictionary

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